Blooming Bundles


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We have pulled colors that work with one of our best selling full sized appliqué patterns and done them up in starter bundles! The bundles are only $24 and have 12 pieces of over dyed wool that are roughly 8x8 and in the colors that she’s used in the samplers. The nice thing with these patterns are they are all full sized separated blocks that do up beautifully on a pillow or mat! You don’t have to do a full sized quilt! Erica Kaprow has always enjoyed sewing. She now combines her love for wool dyeing, quiltmaking, and embroidery to make rich wool appliqué quilts. These bundles combined with your scraps will make some great blocks! 

The Blooming patterns have 30 blocks that measure 7.25x7.25 with 5 in boarder. If you have a good stash of wool scraps I would do 3 blooming bundles and 2 summertime bundles. You need 2 yards of black wool background

The Summertime Sampler has 12 blocks that measure 8 3/4x8 3/4 with 3.75 in boarder. If you have a good stash of wool scraps I would do 2 of each bundle. You will need 1.5 yards of black wool. 

if you have no scraps I would add one of each to this “guestament”

These are not meant to give you every color for the entire project. They are intended to give you most of what you need and to be supplemented with other colors. Even in her instructions she tells you lots of assorted scraps. Because most of the pieces are small so you can use little stuff up :) it’s a great scrap happy project!