Searsport Rug Hooking

Boo Scalloped Banner


BOO!!! The fat spider is dropping in to say BOO to the fat little pumpkin minding his own business! You will have lots of fun stitching this up to hang for Halloween! Everything is cut out for you to just sit and stitch! 
We just love adding to these new designs! These scalloped banner kits are all pre cut and ready for you to just sit and stitch! They come with any embellishments we use that are special. Then you can add the hanger and the threads if you need them. 

Kit #1 option you get the wool pre cut, this includes the two black wool backings, the cream wool center panel, All the cut pieces, fun yarns, and glass beads.
kit #2 you get all of #1 plus the hanger
kit #3 you get all of number one plus the Valdani thread
Kit #4 you get all of the above

The finished size is 7.5x20. 

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