Gabis Garden extra Long


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This is a BIG rug! At 30x130 it’s almost 11 feet long! The background alone will take 9 yards of fabric! That will do the center and the boarder background. While most of the rug can be hooked from your stash we recommend getting three or four different, very close related fabrics to mix for your background. Because of the time involved Hooking a larg Rug like this if you run out you might not be able to match it down the road. But if you mix wools at the start adding in a bit of another one is not so noticeable :) we are happy to help with the background wool. If you choose to order it with your pattern please call to discus your colors. 

The three colored pictures are of the Gabis garden original that is 30x90 Gabi, who the rug is named for, did hand torn strips and created a lofty beauty that is so incredible in person. Then mom, Chris, who is the designer loved it so much she hooked it. Both used the background we call Gabis background lol it’s dorr chocolate brown with purple over it to add richness.   Jane H sent us the picture of her rug too! It’s just Beautiful!!

Thank you Elizabeth S for the picture of your incredible rug. She hooked this is 5 months! It’s 11 feet long!