Going to CottonTail Farm

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On their way to Cottontail farm, Mr. Hare puts his cane to good use as he pulls along llttle Hare who sits comfy and cozy in his wagon.  Little Hare is doing his very best to protect all the pretty eggs for their delivery to Cottontail Farm. " Going to Cottontail Farm"  is the third in the  "Going to...."  Seasons series,  joining Autumn's  "Going to Gratitude Farm", and Winter's "Going to KringleTree Farm". Enjoy some refreshing hours of wool, needle, and thread time as you stitch and partake in your new Spring Woolie Adventure! 
We think this would look really nice rearranged and stitched onto our 19 inch scalloped circles! And we love the frosted beads to add to the flowers and wagon! 

Finished oval wool mat measures 17" x 23 1/2"