Groovy Garden



Finished size is 30x30 drawn on linen this comes in two sizes the 30x30 or the 30x56. 
This rug 30x30 or 30x56 rug is Carefully hand drawn on linen. How will you color plan yours? Go crazy! Use it as a stash buster! You will only need about 1.5 yards of back ground for the large one and anbout a yard on the 30x30 and then pull everything out of your stash! We all tend to work in a certain color pallet so everything will work! Don’t forget: light, bright, dull, dark! Move it all around your rug!

We love Deanne R’s rug she just sent us pictures of! What great colors and hooking! 
The rug in progress is Linda S and we love the vibrancy of it! 
It also comes in a mini punch version!