DIY CUT Large Penny Appliqué Kit


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Now available in PRE CUT or YOU cut. 
This listing is for the DIY
That means YOU cut out your circles and diamonds.
This is also available as pre cut with us doing all the cutting. 
You have asked for years for a kit for this awesome quilt. This is from a line we carried in our gift shop, Silkweeds, for many years. Then in 2004 at the rug hooking studio when we sold Silkweeds and because Searsport Rug Hooking. We finally had time to sit down and pull two sets of wools and figure everything needed to make one. We have a set of solids from the Rebekah Smith collection and a set of textured from our as is wool, you choose one of those and the heavy black for the background and templates for you to trace and cut your circles. And a basic set of instructions and lots of pictures as guides. 

Please note all of the wools in the uncut kits are unwashed, but  it’s easy peasy to just toss them all in the washer on warm wash and warm rinse and into the dryer. Please separate into lights and darks. Your kit includes the black foundation fabric, 18 solid wools or 16 textured fat quarters of wool for Pennie’s, 1 fat qtr of wool for diamonds and two fat qtrs of wool for red striped edges and our special needle threader, because you will be threading your needle ALOT! ****You will need to wash your wool and cut all your Pennie’s, cut your diamonds and your edges strips. 
You will choose between the Rebekah Smith solid wools similar to our sample or small textured wools for a more updated look. The solid set costs a little more because the wool is not as wide, therefore it takes 3 more fat qtrs to cut all the circles 
Finished size is 48x70  long

We have a charcoal flannel that would make a nice backing. But it is only 43 inches wide so you need 3 yards and will have to put a seam in the center. So we have priced this separately since you might have a wide one that will work in one piece. You can add flannel for the backing and valdani #8 black threads for the stitching.