Mixed Embellishment Packs



We have had many requests for the embellishments we used in our mini punch on wool kits. we use a large assortment of findings, beads, shells, tiny keys, buttons and more to decorate the small pieces. No two are ever the same, but we have come up with a nice mix based on the styles we used on each piece. We start with our $2.25 bag of beads and add to it. If it's an under the sea pack there are tiny glass fish, tiny beads and larger beads, shells, buttons, bells all are treasures you might find walking the beach. The fall leaves are autumn colors with key charms, beads, gears, buttons and more. the hearts have a mix of everything based on the colors. Each bag will do one heavily embellished or 2 lightly embellished, no two bags will be the same.

These are also great to use with our pendants, quilly eggs, qilly trees and any applique that you want to add some zing to!. It gives you a wide assortment of fun findings that will make a number of pendants from each pack.