Red Dot pattern making material with a Sharpie


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How To use red dot tracer. First draw your original design on heavy paper. Now using a black sharpie trace your design on the red dot and then place it on top of your backing and retrace it transfer. You may need to go over some lines to make them darker, depending on your sharpie. Or if using our new Snow White linen place it UNDER the Snow White Linen. You can see it perfectly! The black drawing done by your sharpie makes it easy to see for tracing. Your red dot original stays perfect! No need for a light box or awkward taping to windows or to redo after many transfers. And no need to retrace your design on your linen! You get clean, clear lines the first time! This is the New Lighter weight Shearer Red Dot: You will do all the same but trace on top of your backings. Redo any lines that are not strong enough. 
thsi includes one black fine sharpie for drawing with