Rug Lables



Entering your rug at a fair? Or showing it in a rug show? You should alway identify your work! Who hooked and designed the project is a good start and the year of course. These simple neutral colored tags work on any color scheme. You can order completed tags ready to write your own info in and sew to the back of your rug  or you can buy the kit and make them yourself for all your rugs! The small tag writing area is approximately 3x4, the medium tag writing area is approximately 4x5. Or get the kit and make any size you want! Then just write in your info and baste or whip stitch to the back of your rug. 

Completed ready to use tags are three to a pack. Or The kit includes directions, enough wool, osnaburg, and heat&bind to make roughly 20-25 labels depending on the size you make them. 

We will have these back in stock as soon as the new studio is open and our sewing machine is set up. only the do it yourself kits are available until then.