Searsport’s Pressing and Fusing Set

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The wool felt pressing mat is 100% wool and they create a perfect pressing surface for you wool appliqué, penny rugs, quilt blocks or rug hooking. You can use  with or without steam for beautiful results. Once you work with a 100% wool mat you will never iron with out one. They absorb moisture and wick it away from your project. The firm, yet soft 1/2 in thick felt makes wrinkles disappear and seems iron out flat and smooth.

These are also a rug hookers friend. It acts as a heavy duty, heat resistant barrier that wicks away moisture from your rug and absorb the steam as you block it. 
This felt mat and the glue pad combo along with our pre cut wool shapes and soft fuse makes wool appliqué fun! No tedious cutting or basting needed! 

To use as a glue or craft mat:

Oh my god I don’t what I did before I started using these glue mats!! Hot glue, tacky glue, E600, glue sticks, it doesn’t matter! It all comes right off! Hot glue peals off once cooled and all the others do too or wash in warm water and wipe dry. It Saves the classroom table tops a million times over! 

One way to use as an appliqué mat:

I lay my fusing mat on my felt pressing mat, then my lay my wool or Pre-Cut wool piece all face down on the glue mat and then l lay my fusable paper, with the fuzzy side down and press with a hot iron. Just press do not iron back and forth. Lift and press a new spot. You will see the wool darken and show up more through the paper. Once cool gently peal the wool off and with your finger push any webbing to the back of your cut pieces. Now place on your wool backing, face up and press again to adhere. Now Stitch in place! No pins to stick your self with!   In the pictures I had to use two small ones as we were out of the large ones. 

The fusing mat measures 15.5x12, the perfect size with our 15.5x18 felt pads! 

  • This Appliqué Fusing Mat is made of silicone and glass fiber material that is heat resistant for up to 500 degrees F (260 degrees C.). This makes the perfect surface for all of your fusing, ironing, and gluing needs.
  • For Fusible Applique, simply place the applique design under the Appliqué Fusing mat to use as a guide. Much like you would use a light table. 
  • Now the cut applique shapes can be placed perfectly since this mat is transparent.
  • Because this mat is heat resistant, multiple layers can be placed simultaneously while pressing it with a hot iron.
  • The layered appliques can then be picked up as one piece and placed on the background fabric. The mat is slightly tacky so the pieces won’t migrate when positioned.
  • Since it can withstand temperatures for up to 500 degrees F. (260 degrees C.), they are the perfect working surface whenever using a glue gun. Any globs of hot melted glue will peel off easily and protect the table underneath. Liquid glues peal off when dry or is water soluble wash off
  • It is very easy to clean. Just wash the mat with soap and water or place it in the dishwasher and you're good to go!