Serged Linen Blanks WITH Lines


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Width (size)
Length (color)
Please note: If you are on our App, not the website, it is NOT showing “WIDTH” or “LENGTH” as options… it is showing “SIZE” and “COLOR” please select size for your width and color for your length as the two measurements. We are working on correcting it.

We have offered custom rug blanks for as long as we’ve offered linen and monks cloth. Now you can order them even easier in 6 inch increments! With widths from 18 inches to 64 inches and lengths from 18 inches to 72. If you need a different size just ask :)
Keep in mind the sizes are the size of the blank piece of serged, edged linen. You will need to allow for the salvage around the edges. We are allowing 4 inches on all side of the lines for these blanks. So an 18x18 piece will yield a 10x10 finished mat. A 64x72 will yield a 56x64 rug

These sizes go from an 18x18 up to a 64 x 72-inch blank.

1. These are cut and Serged blanks with the lines drawn for you, leaving a 4 inch salvage.
2. There are no patterns drawn on these.
3. You must allow 4 inches per side for your salvages when you figure the finished rug size. So the 18x18 inch wide piece will give you a 10x10 finished piece size. 
4. A 64x72 inch blank will do a 56x64 inch rug once we draw in the  outside lines.