Searsport Rug Hooking

Stash Stuffers


Stash Stuffers are ideal for craft projects requiring wool fabric, such as rug hooking, crafting, and appliqué. This premium wool makes them ultra-durable and perfect for high-quality detailing. Make sure to add some Stash Stuffers to your craft stash!

Whether your a Stitcher, Rug Hooker, Appliquer or Sewer these pieces have such value! Stash stuffers are pieces that run 6-8 inches wide and 14-18 inches long. They are roughly 1/4 of a fat quarter. They vary because sometimes it’s a bolt end or because that particular wool fulled up smaller due to the weave. Some are dyed wools and some are as is off the bolt. But all are washed and dried and ready for you to work with. You can assort in a color or assort the whole bunch!

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