Wandering the Shores


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Wandering the Shores. This piece is a reflection of a warm summer day by the water with a regal Egret standing amongst the waterlilies and cattails. This piece may also be created replacing the Egret with an Heron. The pattern comes with color needs & placement for both the Heron and Egret.
Jan used Searsport Rug Hookings rich hand dyed wools to create this timeless wool appliqué piece. Incorporated into the design is fun embroidery stitches that give the piece an additional layer of visual experience.

We have changed to way to order this kit. Because so many of you want to do both versions we now have it so you can order one pattern and then which ever or both wool only packs. 
As you can tell from many of Jan’s designs she is a nature gal, and just loves birds. Nothing thrills her 
more that do drive past the local river and spot Egrets and Herons, fishing and just enjoying their day. This piece is two fold, it may be created featuring an Egret as shown, or convert to a Heron depending on your taste or locale. Just change the color of the bird and you’re all set! The pattern comes with the material needs for either bird and the pattern pieces are marked accordingly. The pattern comes with great instructions and illustration to guide the stitcher along, including some fun embroidery and new techniques to make the piece pop. We have provided close-up photos to shown the special details below. Just a great piece to display in a sun room or at camp.
The kit includes all the wool to complete the front of the piece as either a heron or an egret. It does not include thread or the final backing.