Washed Wool Bundle in Roses and Berries



Everyone was so excited with the spring wool strips we did for the eggs and the fact that they could also order them cut into #8 strips, that we are adding more colors for you to choose from. We have also made a few changes on our wool bundles to make them more user friendly to both appliquérs and rug hookers alike! The newest bundles are 12 different wools in a single color family. A mixture of one color in 12 different textures and values and hues. Some will be solid, some will be textures and some will be over dyed. Wool will vary from batch to batch,  But they will all be ready to work with. So you can order the way you like and how you want to use them! Want to make quillies or a small project? Get them all cut! Or need an assortment and you have a cutter? Just the Hookers bundle will be perfect for you! Or just need a sampling of good colors for an upcoming appliqué project with out breaking the bank! 
1. The appliqués Bundle of 12 different wools is a bundle that the squares are roughly
5-6x7-8. because wools all full up differently when washed, due to the different weaves they do vary a little bit. 
2. The uncut Hookers bundle is 12 strips roughly 2.5 inches wide by 16-18 lunches long. Again because of the way wools all full differently there is a small difference in them all. 
3. Or order the pre cut Hookers bundle that is all the luscious wools cut in a #8 cut. This an 1/4 I strip and there’s roughly 95-105 strips in a bundle.
Soon we will have  a #6. We are waiting on a new #6 cutter.