Searsport Rug Hooking

Arm Guards


If you have trouble with getting scratched up on your arms while hooking these take care of the issue! They also protect your rug as you work from becoming soiled from your arms and the front of your shirts from getting snagged. When your frame is not in use they keep you from getting scratched up when you brush against it. Your pattern goes on your frame, then you place this over it.

Standard will our 17x15, but they do fit other frames close to this size that are square, rectangular or octagon shaped frames. 

The Small fits a 9-10 x 11-12 head size.
Yes they are easy to make and yes we can all make them, but will you? I put off buying one forever and then just got it! it wasn't worth my time to figure it out and do it when i hate to sew! LOL

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