Searsport Rug Hooking

Learn to Rug Hook with a quilt hoop


Have you looked at rug hooking and wanted to try it? But not sure where to get supplies or how to go about it? Well this little kit has everything but the time you need to do it!

We have your heavy duty quilt hoop to hold your project in your lap and be very portable. The 8x18 in pattern is hand drawn on linen for you to learn to hook on the BEST backing!  All your wool is cut, labeled and ready for you to use. A very good little booklet that covers how to rug hook and finish your project.  A hand turned rug Hook and it's a nice one, not a cheep beginner hook!  A pair of our best selling bent scissors for trimming your ends flush with your Hooking. We even have the yarn and binding tape to finish off your mat. This is all packaged in a handy tote bag too! The mats are 8x18 and yes, they are very simple but these are to learn to pull loops and finish off a project with out spending weeks or months. The basic tools are good enough that you could hook a room sized rug with no trouble with them. This includes everything you need to rug hook your first simple piece that will finish off as a small mat, wall hanging or pillow. 

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