Orchid Crosshatch



Woolies Flannel by Bonnie Sullivan is the 100% cotton flannel fabric collection that quilters turn to again and again. Printed on subtly shaded grounds and in a wide array of colors, the Woolies Flannel fabrics are designed to complement Bonnie Sullivan’s fabric collections and quilt projects. Mix and match the rustic, wool-inspired patterns and colors for cozy flannel projects that will warm your hearts and your toes.

Please note this is NOT WOOL, IT IS A BEAUTIFUL, SOFT FLANNEL. THAT LOOKS LIKE WOOL! But with out the cost of wool! We love it to use to appliqué directly on as a background instead of wool, to help cut cost and as a backer for finished projects. 

A fat quarter is 18x22

A standard half is 18x45

A fat half is 36x22

A yard is 36x45 

Designer: Bonnie Sullivan

Content: 100% Cotton

Width: 43"/44"

Type: Flannel