3/4 Yard Assorted Bundles



 Tiny textures, stripes, spot dyed, dip dyed, plaids and solids, we give you 12 pieces of wool to make anything you need for an assortment of colors. These are a touch of color, a bit of texture and playing with both is always fun! This stash builder is 12 swatches ready to work with wools, suitable for any of your stitching needs.
These are perfect for clipppy mats, wooly pots, Appliqué, Hooking smalls, quilting or stitching! Now that’s FUN!
This bundle is for 12 assorted pieces in a color family. 
Wools in each bundle will vary.
They average 8x17, but sizes vary depending on how the wool fulls up when washed.
These measurements are all before we have washed or dyed them and they will have shrunken some in fulling.
These wools are ready for you to use, you do not have to wash and dry them. 
This gives you 3/4 of a yard total fabric in assorted textures and values of the color pack chosen.
Each bundle is made up of 12 fat 1/16. These normally sell for $4.50 each, so this is like getting more then 10% off the assortment!

Three pieces from the bundle will do a clippy boarder on one 8x18 inch mat. This is just the boarder the remaining pieces will fill it on. 
Each piece will do about 16-18 inches of Proddy in a single row.