Halloween Hooking Session 10/31/24


What to bring

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble... We are planning a pot luck for lunch on the Thursday before Halloween!
As you know Every Thursday is open Hooking here at the Studio. So we have to do something fun and different to celebrate! We thought if everyone brought a dish to pass, think snacky finger food and we all have lunch together. Think puréed frog dip, witches knees, crispy bat wings! Or a little toe jam pudding! Mmmmmmmm Or what ever sounds good to you! There is no cost to attend, as always on Thursday. But please let us know you’re coming by choosing sweet or savory. You will go to check out just like your “buying” it but it will not ask for your payment info.

We will provide beverages and plates and utensils and a little something extra 😉