Just a Sharpie



This is what we use to create our rug Hooking patterns, mini punch patterns and project labels. Choose extra fine or fine.
Or the black label. The black label is what we draw on weavers cloth with. The fine is what we draw on linen and monks cloth with. 

Permanent marker creates bold and lasting marks on common and hard-to-mark surfaces including paper, wax paper, tape, plastic, metal, foil, and much more
Slim ultra-fine permanent marker tip allows users to write legibly, do detail work, and make refined marks on tight surface/page corners
Quick-drying, water-resistant, and smear-resistant black ink will not fade over time or bleed through the page.

The laundry marker is perfect for carefully writing my name, the pattern name and completion date on a lable or the binding on the back of your finished rug.