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Learn to punch kit

Everything but the thread! And we all have tons of floss hanging around to use up practicing. Fine yarn, pearl cotton, three strand embroidery floss. All will work in the ultra punch. You tell us what size frame, what size weavers cloth and we will put it all together for you! 
  The needles we are putting in this kit is our very favorite to use. The ultra punch is versatile in that it can use many kinds threads and gives you all lengths of loops from #1 to #12! So fine low detail work or high loopy Santa beards, all with a simple flick of the setting! 
   Then you choose which size frame you want. If your doing mostly small things like ornaments, small coasters and pins or such the 8x8 will suit your needs. Having a frame that is slightly larger then your piece is nice so you do not have to worry about moving your piece to finish it. It’s not a huge deal but it is tricky to not pull out your loops. The 10x12 inch frame will let you do up to 8x10 pieces with out worrying about moving your work a round. I like 5x7 designs, they are fun to do, do not cost a lot to make and are easy to frame for hanging. Both frames are made of beautiful Solid oak and have black walnut plugs covering the screw holes. We believe our tools should be useful and beautiful too. The steel carding strips we mount on all curved edges, so they open fully to hold your weavers cloth drum tight. One of the most important details in punching. 
   Then the weavers cloth. This is the very best fabric for punching on. Tightly woven, easy to draw on and smooth finish make it idea. You can order a fat quarter or a fat half. What this means is we cut it so it’s 18x22 for the fat quarter and 36x22 for the fat half. It’s a much more workable piece. 
  Then we have these cute little pink rose covered handle scissors. They are small, sharp and bent to snip close to prevent any waste. 

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