Liz’s Big Searsport Santa


Years ago Liz S. worked with us at our shop in Searsport, Maine. She drew and hooked us the “Searsport Santa” a wonderful old Santa as a gift for mom and I. Now we are very pleased to be able to offer you a pattern adapted from it, drawn by us on linen. The world lost a wonderful designer, rug Hooker and person when Liz passed away. This original piece is hooked using wool fabric, wool yarn, knit scarves, old skirts, roving and anything else Liz could cut or pull through her backing to create the effect she wanted. All of the wool was hand cut to the size she needed to fill a spot with the average size being between a #8.5-#10. Some strips here and there are a #5-#6 but those are in the small detail areas and there's very few of those. 
The size is 24x30 hand drawn on linen. 

Approximate wool yardage.
3/4 yard total of assorted “whites” in all colors for the beard, cuff of hat & glove
1/4 assorted pale flesh, greens, creams, tans 
3/4 a yard of assorted reds
1.25 yards of assorted darks for background. This one has a mix of dark green, navy, purple and burgundy. 
1/4 yard of assorted tans and browns for bag