The Perfect Finishing Sets


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Want to try out a fat bent tipped needle before buying the 6 pack? Not sure if you will like or even use the tiny clips? Or just work on small stuff and you don’t need a full set? Or maybe you think a beginner project will be one and done and don’t want to spend a ton! And you can make a cute cover for your bag too! 
Then the mini set is for you! It’s 25 of our little clips, 1 of our favorite bent tip binding needle in a mini zipper bag. 
Maybe you know you will be doing larger pieces or maybe have 2-3 small ones ready to whip off in an evening, then you need the full set packaged in a medium zipper bag! 

About the needles: They are the perfect needles for whipping off your projects! Slides through the layers of linen or monks cloth and wool to bind your project with wool yarn or strips. Our Jumbo Darning Needles Set includes 6 darning needles with bent tips and a storage case. The bent tips make these jumbo darning needles Perfect for whipping of our rugs! The bent blunt tip, surprisingly goes threw your two layers of backing and binding tape with ease!  Needles come in a convenient case with a screw on cap that stores needles neatly. You get 1 in the mini set and 6 needles in the full set with a carry case in the full set! There are assorted colors with the full set. 

Ok.... the clips……they have been out for awhile and I scoffed at them..... then I tried them..... and promptly ordered them for the studio! These little things bite in and hold on and keep everything together while you work! No pins to poke you, no edges getting uneven while you work, they just simply hold it and do no damage to anything. Plain and simple lol With the mini set you will get 25 clips and there are 50 in the full set!