Moms diamond Geo



We love show and tells when people stop in with their rugs!
Sybil H stopped in  to leave her rug so I can dye whipping wool for binding it off. This is moms diamond geo design, that she did more hit and miss, but worked her values in the colors to set the blocks apart. Sybil worked in color blocks because she loved the wool so much we dyed for her, she didn’t want to break it up in a true hit and miss. Can you find the “mistake” in Sybil’s? This is a larger version of our pattern offering eight blocks, moms is 6. But you can order it as wide or long as you like. Mom does this all by hand. It’s drawn on the straight of the grain. It’s also counted out when drawn. Not traced. A good geometric needs to be hand drawn, on even count linen and done by count or threads to be straight and true.

We dyed the wool for Sybils rug and she intended to hook it like moms in a hit and miss design like moms! But look how cool it is when she decided to hook it in color blocks instead. Same design, same color scheme, yet a totally different rug! 

Ken H hooked the blue and yellow version.