Pre cut strips of mixed greens for trees and wreaths and more!


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 Each strip is two inches wide and approximately 24 inches long. They are cut to give you a fringe that is 1 3/4 in x 1/4 long “feathers” and 1/4 in of wool left connected to twist onto your wires. This gives you a lovely, long, soft, wooly, fringed feather tree. To figure amounts use this formula: two inches of wool makes one inch of fringe! How easy is that! 

****You need two inches of wool for each inch of “feathers”.  So for a branch you leave an inch of each wire unwrapped, to fasten to the dowel. So an 8 in piece of wire gives you 7 in of feathers and that will need 14 in of wool. Always figure extra In case you wrap tighter then I do or decide to add more branches. This is all washed, torn, snipped and ready to twist! We are doing all the work for you!

You will need approximately these number of packets, for these sized trees. it does vary by each person, how tight you twist, how many and how long your branches are all plays a part in wool usage.

Each packet has 9 of the 24 inch precut and fringed 

 8-12 inch tree or the small wreaths needs 1-2 packet

 12 -14 inch tree or the md wreath needs 2-3 packets

 14-18 inch tree or the md/lg  wreath needs 3-4 packets

 18 -24 inch tree or large wreath needs 4-5 packets, 6 for fuller trees

 Please note this all varies according to how tightly you wrap the branches and how much you over lap the twist or if you add more branches. just like hooking we are use different amounts of wool if we pack or hook high and wide :)  A good rule of thumb is I figure a 6 in branch needs 12 inches of wool.

 Tree fringe wool comes in a mix greens and wool will vary according to supply

These are also perfect for our wrapped wreaths!