Pre Cut Tree Wool ONLY


Wool Color

Let your creative juice flow and grab your glue gun and wires and start twisting up a storm! This is for 3 strips 24 in long and 2 inches wide all pre cut to make your berries or buds with a simple fold or cut down the center to make short bristles. 
As an example of how far it goes, our set of four 4 in cone trees take one strip each. Our 7 in cone tree takes 2.3 strips. Our spring bristle tree takes 7 strips cut down the center the long way to make short fringed branches. A 10-12 inch tree will use three strips of the buds cut down the center.
It takes roughly 4 inches of wool to twist 2 inches of wooly tree branches or buds. 
These are packed with all the same wools in each package.
These are what we use on our wrapped wreaths too! 
These can be used as a loopy bud style or cut down the center to create two long strips with short bristles or trim the one connecting side off to create long fringe. 
Our samples show many ways to use the cut buds and branches wool. Buds and long needles on the mistletoe. Short bristles on the palm tree and one of the full trees. Buds on the cone trees with their fun little loops and long fringe to create a full fat wreath filled with ornaments.