Red, White & Blue Pre cut berries, buds and branch wool


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This is for either 3 or 9 strips 24 in long and 2 inches wide all pre cut to make your berries or buds with a simple fold or cut down the center to make short bristles. In the single pack you will receive 1 each of red, white and blue wools, the triple will receive 3 of each color assorted. As an example of how far it goes our set of four 4 in cone trees take one strip each. Our 7 in cone tree takes 2.3 strips. Our spring bristle tree takes 7 strips cut down the center the long way. It takes roughly 8 inches of wool to twist 4 inches  of wooly tree branches or buds. These are a mix of wools in each pack and wools will vary according to current supply. One pack will do a full 6-8 inches wreath or a 10-14 in tree depending on how tight you twist and how long and full your branches are. It’s great for wreaths too! 
The wools  are assorted and included 3 of each color