The Rug Hooking Versions of the Big Penny Rug



This is for a hand drawn version of our big appliqué penny rug/quilt. This is an extremely time consuming pattern to draw and involves much measuring. There are over 444 circles and 72 diamonds! No,  it’s not for the faint of heart. But this will be a masterpiece of work. And not hard to do. Set a goal of 1 circle a day! We bet you do more! 
The finished size is 48.5x71 and all hand drawn on the straight of the grain, on our linen.
For wool amounts this is a rough estimates for the largest version.
The black background in the center 4-4.5 yards, we love inky tweed for this!
The outside boarder can be the same thing or another colors. But that’s 3 yards.
 So you need 7-7.5 yards total of blacks. You can mix 100’s of odds and ends that are very dark to create
an antique looking background or go with all one wool. 

The assorted pennies will take 18 fat quarters of wool. Or just pull all your scraps. If you tend to work in mostly the same color pallet, it’s going to work, trust us ;) we tend to collect colors we love, just keep in mind you want a mix of light, bright, dull and dark. But keep any really darks out of the circles and only in your background. 
Then you need 3 fats qtrs of golds for the diamonds. 
You will need 1.5 yards of red for the stripe in the boarder. 
This is based on our big appliquéd penny rug and the colored pictures shown are of that quilt/rug as a suggestion. But this would be beautiful color planned many ways. A Light back ground and pick 3-4 colors in many values for the pennies. Or one color will all shades, hues and values. Go crazy! But the simplest and most beautiful we think is a true old fashion hit and miss mix of colors. 
We will have a smaller rug and a runner available also. 
The large rug is 48.5x71 and has all the circles as show in the picture. 
The 26x71 is a long runner with 3 circles wide and 13 circles long
The 31.5 x 57 is a area rug 4 circles wide and 10 circles long
The 20x33 is a smaller runner and is 2 circles wide and 5 circles long.
All of the above has the diamonds and striped boarder and we will post pictures as soon as mom can get them drawn. She needs a tiny break from tracing circles lol