Colored Wool pack for Buttermold Book


A beautiful bundle of Lanacot wools to use with the Buttermold Sampler Book by Bonnie Sullivan. This is the 15 wools to use in the designs plus cream.
Keep in mind it is only the colors, not the black background. 
We did add a cream because we like a cream, not light gray sheep ;)
These are a generous size of assorted colors from the book. The main colors are 8x10, the two small brown accent colors are 6x5 and 5x5 and the main green is 7x36. More then enough to do all the blocks plus some. We did nice size squares to give you plenty to make any color changes you might want to do for your designs. The main green is a nice big piece for all the little leaves in the patterns. 
‘If you are doing the 4 inch circles we recommend using valdani #12 pearl cloth threads,  iif you enlarge to 6 inches and up either the #12 or the #8 work fine.