Pumpkin Eater



"Pumpkin Eater"

Here we have a cute little bunny checking out a sweet, ripe pumpkin. Perhaps he's taking a nibble.  A gorgeous sunflower, that seems to glow, rounds out this endearing autumnal portrait.  This 12" X 14" project would make an adorable pillow.

You can order just the pattern 

or add the wool and flannel backing for the 12x14 mat with no tongues or Pennie’s 

or do the whole kit that also includes the wool for the bottom row of tongues and pennies 
 Add the penny tongues for a welcoming door or wall hanging.  Many possibilities. Whatever you choose to do with this sweet design, it is sure to make a cozy statement.

**please note the Pennie’s and tongues wool are an extra option