The Pumpkin Patch


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This curious Bunny Rabbit has found its way into “The Pumpkin Patch”.  Autumn’s last bow has our little wanderer amidst the languishing wild rudbeckia and the pumpkins, ripe for nibbling.  Then he spies a sunflower nodding its giant head.  Hmmm, perhaps an even tastier meal?

 This 17” X 17” block is a whirl of autumnal colors and is the autumn design of the Bunny Rabbit series.  The warm hues and whimsical nature of the design are sure to put a smile on one’s face.  Our mischievous, furry little friend would make a lovely addition to your home.  This is the Autumn installment of the Bunny Rabbit series.   Collect all FOUR seasons for a stunning, whimsical quilt.