A year ago we had no clue what the upcoming year held for us all! Here at Searsport  We were packing for the big rug Hooking cruise in February... signing up people for the Ali Strebel and Rebekah Smith work shops... working on the 2021 Hookin.... so busy and so much going on and so much travel... we did have the cruise, it was wonderful.... we had Ali and Rebekah here and things were just coming to the forefront in early March here.... we went through shut downs, closures and had to cancel so many classes and workshops, including the Hookin’ which was so hard to do.... our Holiday luncheons..... but through it all we have moved forward.. we are all in this together and we will see changes this year that gives us a bit more normalcy. We can only hope and move forward....



Julie Mattison


I think you’ve made all the right moves.
Enjoy your vacation, you guys have certainly earned it.

— Janet DeGroodt