Florida Demos & Door Prizes

This FREE room is a huge hit!

They will run about every 30-45 minutes to an hour starting after lunch each day or as we have Vendors that want to do the free demo.

They will not be listed here until around mid Feb. 2018

As we receive the info from the vendors that want to do a demo, we will fill in the time slots. These are subject to change, in both subjects and time slots. No sign ups needed. Some have small "make it and take its" that you can do along with the teacher.

We are listing Fees if we know about them. This is up to the person doing the demo.

All the demos are free to attend, the fee is only if they offer a kit and you would like to make one too.

Demos are being held in the class room area in the lobby of the Center.

The demos will start after lunch Wednesday morning to allow everyone time to shop, visit and settle in.

The lobby opens at 8:30 but the
Doors do not open until 9 am each morning for registered guests

Walk in's can come in at 10 am each day for $7.00 ea.

2017 demos were:

(Tuesday is a whole newly added day in 2018 to hook and have fun!)

2018's demos will be posted by mid Feb 2018

Wednesday's Free demo times from 2017 were:

(2018's will be posted by mid Feb 2018)

11:00 Designing a Story Rug. Get your creative juices running and maybe walk down memory lane in your next rug design! Talk by Pam Kirk

12:00 Dye Demo. by Pam Bartlett

1:00 Assembling your Bonnet Topper Stool base. How to put together our stool bases for the "Do It Yourselfers!"

1:30 Angela Foote, Make those Plaids work for you! Be brave go textured, let the wool do the work!

2:15 Judith Hotchkiss, Oxford Punch needle. Full demo of the sizes of the Oxford punch needle. Lots of great tips!

3:00 Marianne Steen, Preparing & Using Recycled Wool. Do not let used clothing scare you! For a little work there's a lot of wool!

Thursday's Free demo times from 2017 were:

(2018's will be posted by mid Feb 2018)

10:00 Angela Foote, Create a pin or decorate your Hooking! A few kits and fun things will be available. Bring your fame and your linen edge if you want to try one.

 11:00 Bob Prive, Miniature Punch Needle, Painting With Thread

12:00 Julie Mattison, Sewing up your Bonnet topper stool cover, how to sew and fit the hooked top for the Bonnet Topper stools

1:00 Julie Mattison, Twisting up a feather tree. Basic branch and tree assembly

We will be having all the big door prize drawings starting at 3pm on Thursday.

This is why we do not have any demos set up for late afternoon on Thursday.