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One of the things that has been brought to our attention with the new website, is how many people did not know we import our own linen and ship 5 yards and up free in the USA. We bring in a 64 in and a 102 in wide, even weave linen, woven for primitive rug hooking. It is 13 epi and is intended for #5 and up cuts. But we have many who hook with finer strips, using it also. We may not be the the biggest or the oldest, but we are uniquely us. Linen orders go out almost every day and we sell to some of the best designers, teachers and guilds there are! We have a number of guilds who buy it and then do a small mark up and resell to the members for fund raisers. And remember it makes no difference if your in southern Maine or Southern California, if you order 5 yards or more it ships FREE in the USA! For 17 years we have sold our linen, Why not give us a try? With over 1500 yards of 64 in and 450 yards of 102 in stock there's no shipping delays, It ships the same day or the next day!

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I just read the comment left by Barbara Hanes about a possible opportunity to to receive a good deal on five yArds linen for $125.00 shipped free !!! If indeed this is the case I’ll take five yards at that deal! Oh Hey I’m looking for a certain common rug hooking HOOK HOWEVER THE wood handle is much shorter and a wee bit fatter Ramona Maddox in Chattanooga Tennessee sold them she called them baby hooks. The shank was shorter too Does anyone know where I can find a baby hook? Kathy Baggett.. you can contact me by answering this post or thru Instagram .Kathy Baggett n2hookin

Kathy P Baggett ,(N2Hookin)¹ September 07, 2019

I want that deal too. Jocurtis2k1@yahoo.com

Jo Curtis December 26, 2018

Did I see something on Facebook about a deal on linen? Was it five yards for one hundred and twenty-five dollars? Free shipping.

Barbara HAnes December 06, 2017

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