The Searsport Frame Cradle


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Let’s talk about frames. Most of us are happy with our frame head. The size, the grippers, the area we have to work in. The place we all seem to struggle is the bases. And then don’t even think about the fact that so many of us do traditional Rug Hooking, so stable, large, comfortable and accessible is important. Then we add Oxford punching... we want to look at our work and we have to remove it to flip it over all the time..... and we want our hands free... ohhh speaking of punching how about  mini punch? We want a medium head, we still want to flip to look at our work. Traveling and want to just do mini stuff? Then that’s another frame! So do you do appliqué? Then I need a nice thick felt covered work station to hold my cut wool, pins, a nice layout area... Neil has been making our frames for years. They have evolved and changed and now we have a new base. Lots of feed back and testing and changes. Lots of saw dust ;)  but this is our cradle. It adjusts to hold a head that is from an 8x8 up to a 14x21 and It holds the work station! With a simple twist of the knobs and swing of the cradle, it converts from holding your mini 8x8 punch frame up to holding your larger rug rug. These are Solid oak with black walnut plugs and carding strips to hold your work TIGHT!  It measures 8x8 with a 6x6 punching area or 10x12 with a 8x10 punching area, 14x17 with a 13x16 punching area.  These are perfect for the mini punch or the Oxford punch needles! So you can change from an 8x8 to a 14x17 in minutes! There are two height settings, so if it’s sitting in your lap or on the table in front of you it can be adjusted to your perfect work height! Traveling? No problem this comes apart and packs up and is under 3 inches thick! We hope your as excited as we are! These are in stock and ready to ship!

You can also order sets, they include the cradle, a 14x17 rug Hooking/Oxford punch frame and either a 8x8 or 10x12 mini punch frame. 
The standard cradle holds from an 8x8 up to a 17x17 head.

The Long Arm cradle holds from an 8x8 up to a 21x21 head 

You can buy just the long arms if you have our cradle with standard arms or visa-versa :)