Searsport Rug Hooking

Pre cut Appliqué Bases


Love to do appliqué and penny rug work but hate cutting out the shapes? Let us do it for you! You can choose our creamy/tan shorn sheep wool or Dorr flat black for colors. These are die cut with washed 100% wool. A couple of the  pictures look a little wonky but its the angle of the camera, not the shape. Watch for more coming soon! The pocket is 5X15.5 when it folded it makes a cute phone case, needle keep or sewing bag.

The oval is 9.25x7.5

The tree skirt is 12.5 inches side to side, 14.5 inches tip to tip. You can order with or with out the center hole.

4 in upper, lower, numbers and 1.25 inch block letters, both upper case or lower case are available in any colors. You just check out with the numepber of letters you need then just message, email or call us for the specific letters needed and colors you are looking for. 

Toungues are two sizes 2x3.25 for small and 2.25x3.75 for large. They are packed in bakers dozens of 13 to a package. The 8.5 circle takes one pack of small to go around it.

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