10 inch Squares of Wool from the Rebekah Smith Collection


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These are perfect for the block swap! You will need 6 or 12 of the same color for your block base to stitch some kind of holiday tree on! 
Beautiful 100% woven wool, not felt, This is for one 10x10 square of soft solids that are ready for you to stitch with and perfect for any appliqué patterns!
This is for one 10x10 square of any of the colors specifically chosen by Rebekah. Plus we have added the new blush!  Soft solids that are perfect for her appliqué patterns and many others, like Jerome Thomas too!
These are perfect for those times you need small touches of color or maybe working in a color pallet that’s not for you. You’re not left with a lot of a color you might not need again. Or to sample these wonderful wools. We love working with them and we think you will too! 
I have to share the cute bag I made today! I used one of the Rebekah Smith 10 inch squares, folded it on half and sewed up the two short sides. Turned it inside out and sewed on some flowers, leaves and stems. Added a few buttons to embellish it and then inserted one of our small zipper project bags inside of it. Now just folded down the top edge just a scant 1/2 inch, so it’s tucked between the the wool and the zipper side and blanket stitched around the top.